Zoom Transcription – Transcribe your Meetings & Conferences

Zoom has become the no. 1 web conferencing platform the last few months. As the world locks down and professionals around the world work from home, Zoom has become the leading app for conference calls, meetings and webinars.

Not only is Zoom a great communication tool, it allows for recording and documentation. Meaning, even after your online meeting is over you can listen back to the recording or read the auto transcript to recollect or verify what was discussed.   If you are interested in recording and automatically transcribing your recordings, please visit Zoom’s step-by-step guide here.

[Disclaimer: We have no relationship whatsoever with Zoom or any of its employees or affiliates.]

However, if you are not satisfied with the auto-generated transcript, you can always download your recording and send to us for its transcription.

Why you need Zoom transcription

It is worth mentioning that there are many reasons why you may want to transcribe your Zoom recordings.  Firstly, Zoom transcription allows for record keeping or documentation of an event or meeting.  It makes capturing salient facts and figures and decisions in a meeting.  Secondly, having a transcript allows you to repurpose your webinar or online training to a written resource for your organisation.

Thirdly, you can even turn your Zoom transcription into an article or two for your blog.  You can easily share these articles within your organisation or with the whole wide world if you want to.  You may also want to share your Zoom transcripts with all participants in the conference so you are in the same page.  That way you remove ambiguity and misunderstanding each other.

Transcribing your Zoom recordings is affordable and quick. Download your recording on to your computer and share it with us to get a quote.  Apart from Zoom recordings, we also transcribe most conference call recordings including UberConference Calls, and GotoMeeting recordings.  We specialist in general transcription and legal transcription over the years and have a great team that goes to great lengths to produce high quality transcripts and great customer satisfaction.  Do contact us today for all your transcription needs!

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