You Can Now Upload Files for Transcription Directly to our Dropbox

You have files for transcription and have reached out to us via email. Now, having discussed your requirement, we come to an agreement.

Where do you go from here?

Since you got yourself a personalized price, you cannot use the Order Form that asks for payment on submission.

You just need a way to share your files for transcription with us.

That’s why you need a safe and easy way to upload your files to us.

We have now used the Dropbox request feature to allow you to upload files directly to our Dropbox.

Please click the link here to upload your files for transcription.

Hope this will allow many of our customers to share their files quickly and more efficiently.  This is also useful to our regular clients who have standing instructions and are invoiced monthly to place assignments with us.

Let me know how you find this process.  If you have any problem with the uploading or Dropbox in general, please reach out to us.

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