Weekend Transcription – Feeling Hurray!

weekend transcription swim with the tideYeah, it’s the weekend.

Instead of swimming or enjoying a lazy day, I have to work on a Saturday, today.

It normally should make someone cringe to work on the weekend, but here I am feeling hurray! I’m feeling great.

As you may notice, this is a weekend post and there may not be anything you can learn from this post.  But then again, you might.  So read on!  All I wanted to say is it’s great to have that much work come your way when there’s businesses struggling to stay afloat.

It feels great to be in demand and have your services sought after by customers. The only downside to is I have to give up my weekend.

Weekend Life

Usually in the weekends, I’ll lounge around the house, watching TV with the kids or take the kids out to the mall or the park. It’s usually a family time. It’s usually time to catch up with friends and relatives.

However, if there’s anything you can take away from this post this is it. I am ready to give up my weekend for you.

If you have urgent transcript or urgent projects that you need them by Monday next, we are here for you. My team and I will work on weekends and burn the midnight oil should you need.

We love our families and love spending time with them. We also know that we are doing important work and it’s important to help out customers when they most need our services and assistance.

Weekend Transcription

What I’ve got today is weekend transcription tasks that are needed by Monday and Tuesday by our customers.  Two customers to be precise.  Since they asked us to complete them over the weekend, we’re slogging out as I am typing this.

Call it dedication, call it loyalty.  We are that and more.  We will sacrifice our good time so you can have a great time.

In the world of outsourcing, people keep talking about the dangers of outsourcing and what could happen if their information is not secure or God forbid, misplaced.

While those are all valid questions to ask, there’s a more fundamental human behaviour they should think about.

Technical security is one, it’s altogether a different dimension to be able to trust and be trusted.

Security or Integrity?

While it’s important that transcription services secure their websites and data online, it’s more important to have integrity embedded in their DNA.

In a way, you can buy security.  However, integrity is something one cannot buy.  Nor can you buy loyalty and dedication and respect.

We work the weekend for these two customers because they are such great customers and even collaborators on occasions.  We have such great relationship with them that we will do what they ask us to do within reason.  It’s perfectly reasonable for them to expect us to work weekends for them once a while.

Even if they didn’t ask, we might even work the weekend for them to complete their project in time.  We are completely dedicated to their well-being and want to impress them every chance we get.

Integrity of our transcribers and administrative staff is what I can never buy.

Nor can you.  It is not for sale.

Have a great weekend!

– Carey Suante

photo credit: Chica submarina 1 via photopin (license)

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