Do You Use Dictation to Save Time and Overhead? (50% of Lawyers Don’t!)

Surprise!  Surprise!  In a 2011 poll run by the Lawyerist blog, they asked Do you use Dictation? and found that almost half of the lawyers, 42.86%, did not use dictation at all!

Not surprisingly, therefore, Michelle Wickam who works as an attorney for Pinnacle Security says lawyers spend 30% of their day writing.   That’s almost 2.5 hours of writing, assuming you work 8 hours a day.

Simply put, almost half of the lawyers spend 2.5 hours on, perhaps, non-billable hours of writing/typing, tasks that don’t require legal expertise or can be delegated to assistants and administrative support.

Now it’s your turn:  Do you use dictation to save time and overhead?