Urgent Transcription Service for Expedited Projects

Expedited transcription service for busy professionals

urgent transcription serviceYour project deadline is fast-approaching.

You suddenly realize you have tons of audio still needed to be typed out for your reports.

Your boss is breathing down your neck.

PANIC. (Familiar feeling?)

You slump, dejected and frustrated, staring blankly at your computer.

Your fingers slowly move on the keyboard, typing in ‘urgent transcription service’ into Google.  Enter.

Your knight in a shining armour shows up in front of you.

Relief washes your face. (Unfamiliar?)

Excited and even optimistic again. Alive.

That’s what our urgent transcription service can do for you.  We are your knight in a shining armour that rescues you from professional embarrassment and failure.

Urgent Transcription Service

TranscriptionPro’s urgent transcription service is designed for anyone who require rescuing from uncertainty and unpleasant experience in their life and career.

Our professional transcribers are fast typists, accurate and diligent editors who meet your urgent deadlines and complete your projects in time.

Timely delivery of transcription service for short to very short turnaround times allows our urgent transcription service to be favoured by busy and overwhelmed professionals.  It’s especially useful to professionals who are always on the go and travelling constantly.

Avail our urgent transcription service (legal and real estate)

To avail our urgent transcription service, please write to us at [email protected] with details of your requirement.

Please include the amount of recordings in minutes or hours we might expect per day (24 hours) and whether or not it will be a daily requirement, once a month or weekly, etc.  Please also provide us with your templates, samples, style guides and other resources that will be useful when transcribing your audio recordings.

Other details we need:

  • Do you want to be covered 24/7?
  • How many members of your firm will be using this expedited service?
  • Custom delivery time you require – whether within 4 hours or 8 hours, etc.

Generally, our expedited transcription service includes:

  • We provide 8-hour delivery and 4-hour delivery for urgent transcription or custom by contract.
  • We also provide around-the-clock transcription service as part of our urgent transcription service.
  • Only fast and experience transcribers will be used.
  • We guarantee at least 98% accuracy for all good audio.  Bad audio recordings will be treated as regular deliveries.  We won’t have time to edit audio recordings.

Urgent transcription service is a premium service only reserved for dictation or one-person speakers from the legal and real estate industry.  Lawyers, solicitors, real estate surveyors and other professionals are welcome to take our urgent transcription service.

Never (again) fail to complete project in time just because of a lack of resources and personnel.  We will watch your back and keep you from falling (and failing).

Our typing and transcription service is one of the best services in the world.  Professional transcription service like ours don’t happen by chance.  We work hard to be where we are and will keep on improving our services to cater to your needs.

Photo credit: Rough Patch (again) via photopin (license)