Typing Skill – The Only Productivity Skill You Need

typing servicesThe only productivity skill you need is typing skill.  Improve your typing skill, you’ll improve your productivity. Because typing is all we do all day.

Typing is currently the only viable inputting method for all of the devices we use today.  We type into our smartphones, into our computers and iPads.

Although you might use the voice search and Siri, voice recognition tools and softwares are still far from perfect.  It is not feasible to input data on a large scale using voice along.

Therefore, typing is still the only reliable and feasible way to input data on a large scale.

Typing is still the only way to write emails and reports.  Typing is much faster than handwriting.  Digital typing on to a computer is the fastest means of writing any content.

Whether you’re a lawyer, a banker, or a CEO you need fast typing speed to improve your productivity.

If that’s not what you’d like to do or invest your time in, than the only other way to stay productive is to outsource your typing requirements.

If typing is not your thing, perhaps you should talk more.

Do you know that we speak 4x faster than we type and 7x faster than we write?

Yeah.  So speaking and recording your speech and getting your speech typed up is the way to better productivity.

Typing services like TranscriptionPro can type for you affordably and error-free.  Our expert typists and transcribers are accustomed to fast typing and producing documents for busy professionals and businesses. We also offer weekend typing and urgent typing services

By delegating your typing tasks to us, you’re freeing up time to do what you do best and get professionally typed documents that are proof-read for accuracy and consistency.

Every hour of typing spent by us is an hour gained by you to do your more important work.

Some of the typing services we offer include:

  • Transcription
  • Copy typing
  • Data entry
  • Creation of document and PowerPoint presentations
  • Translation

So to recap, you have two ways of improving your productivity in document creation.  One is to improve your typing skill and the second is to delegate and outsource more of your typing needs.

Improving your typing skill and typing speed will take time and effort. Delegating and outsourcing your typing needs will cost you money, but will give you more time to deal with your business and spend time with your loved ones.

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