How to Transpose PDF into an Editable Document

You have a PDF document with important information.  You would like the information to be updated and edited.

How do you do that?

The best way to update and edit a PDF document is to convert it into an editable document.  The document could either be in Excel or Word.

Transposing PDF document into Word or Excel document is called copy typing.  Copy typists help convert PDF documents into editable documents in Word or Excel.

You may want to retain the design and format or change it any you like when transposing the document.

Transposing PDF documents into editable documents can be a time-consuming exercise.  That is why professional organisations and companies usually outsource these to outsourcing agencies like TranscriptionPro.

Save time and money outsourcing PDF to editable document conversion

We convert and transpose PDF documents into editable Word or Excel document in the style and format you desire.  We can add pictures and other elements into the editable document or even add more information.  We can also delete and remove information or elements that you no longer require in the document.

Converting PDF documents into Word documents or Excel document can also be achieved using software.  However, PDF converters are not perfect and there are instances where they cannot convert elements in a PDF.

Also PDF converting softwares cannot edit your document like we, copy typists, do.

Try our copy typing services today.  We can transpose hundred of pages of documents in a matter of days, not weeks.  You need something transposed quickly?  Contact us today.