Transcription Softwares and Tools


Here we list transcription softwares and tools we use on a daily basis in our transcription service business.  We hope this list gives you an idea as to what you might want to purchase and invest starting a transcription business or starting your freelance transcription.

Transcription Computers and it’s peripheral

I’m not very fussy about computers.  I think for transcription any computer is good enough.  Of course, high-end computers are always a pleasure to use, but transcription doesn’t need more than 2 GB RAM and Dual Core processors.

Transcription Softwares

ExpressScribe Pro by NCH Software is our default go-to transcription software for general transcription.  Free download link (for the free version).

FTR Player or ForTheRecord is a court deposition audio player that we use constantly.

Digital Court Player is another court deposition audio player we use.

Transcription Audio Recorders

This section is for clients and customers who record their dictations.  If you are a busy professional recording dictations daily and also always on the go, we highly recommend you invest in Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder.


Transcription Audio Editors

Audacity is our audio editor of choice.  It is freely available for download.

Word Processors

Our default choice of Word processor is Microsoft Office Suite.

We currently use MS 2007 and Office 365.

We also use WordPerfect Office for those law firms and courts still using WordPerfect from Corel.


Transcription Headsets

My favourite headset is the Sennheiser headsets because of their superior quality in terms of build and results.