Transcription Services for Bitcoins

Pay With BitcoinTranscriptionPro is now accepting Bitcoins for transcription and its other services including copy typing, translation, data entry / data capture and other virtual services.

To pay bitcoins for transcription, all you have to do is go to our Payment page and opt for the Bitcoin payment button/link.

We have been very interested in accepting Bitcoins for transcription services ever since working on some Bitcoin related podcasts and content.  That’s when we ‘discovered’ bitcoins and the bitcoin community and services.

We are excited to now offer our services for bitcoins and hope that this is a welcome addition to the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoins for Transcription:  5% Discount

Also, as an incentive to pay us bitcoins, we are offering 5% discount to those who are paying us for transcription services using bitcoins. Discount will end soon.

We encourage our customers to pay us Bitcoins and hope we are doing our bit in expanding the use of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin podcasters and multimedia producers related to Bitcoins are especially welcome to try our services and see how easy and effortless getting transcription services is.

Transcription of your podcasts will help you better your SEO efforts and is useful for those wanting to re-purpose their podcats into articles or even books.

Now that you can pay bitcoins for transcription, what are you waiting for. Improve your business by transcribing your podcasts and other audio-video content on your website.

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