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As a transcription service based in India, we are all for promoting and developing transcription services in India.  Transcription Service India is a TranscriptionPro project to encourage companies to outsource transcription services to India.  It is our aim to improve confidence and trust in the India transcription industry.

Transcription service is a 20-plus years old service industry in India. It has, like other industries, it’s ups and downs. Right now, there is a dearth of quality transcription services in India due to many reasons.

One of the main reasons, TranscriptionPro came into being is to address the declining transcription services in India. And we want to do it differently.

Having worked in some of the best transcription companies in India, I see a lot of things that can be improved upon or developed further in the  Indian transcription industry.

Problems of Transcription Services India

One of the main reasons Indian transcription services decline is due to the lack of personnel development and awareness programs in these transcription companies. These can easily be addressed by internal educational programs at very affordable costs.

While Indian transcription companies have the potential to do better and produce quality transcription services, they are too short-sighted. Most transcription companies look at the short-term gain than the long-term sustainability of their services. There is no commitment on their part to develop long-term, quality transcription services.

Most transcribers in India come from poverty.  They come from public schools where English is hardly used even though they are English medium schools.  Being deeply religious and therefore, not open to other cultures, they lack understanding and knowledge about other culture, religion and societies.

Outsource Transcription to India

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Why outsource to Transcription Service India?

TranscriptionPro addresses those problems face by other Indian transcription companies by valuing good education.

We hire from the best universities and colleges.  Our transcribers are highly educated and competent.

We also hire from other countries like the US.  To better serve our customers, we started hiring US transcribers and native English speakers to improve our overall quality and processes.  This also allows us to serve customers 24/7.  While the US sleeps, Indian works. And while India sleeps our American transcribers take over.

We also have European transcribers and transcribers from the Africa continent.  Our trans-continental personnel are able to transcribe any accent and have not difficulty understanding the cultural differences.

Advantages of Transcription Service India

If you are outsourcing transcription and other allied services, India is still a place to consider.

  • Transcription service companies charge less than transcription companies in the US or Australia. US transcription companies charge at least $1.50 to $3.00 per minute while our transcription rates begin from just $1.00 per minute (single speakers) and even less for bulk orders.
  • Because of the enormous supply of college graduates every year, we have unlimited supply of transcribers.  This allows us to meet your large transcription projects efficiently and without delays in production.
  • The differences in time zones can be a huge advantage to our customers.  It enables our customers to send in their transcription projects any time and we’ll be processing those transcription projects while they are asleep.  It simply means that their work is being carried out without wasting any time and get the transcripts when they are back in office the next day.  This is really important for companies and businesses with huge backlog of typing and word processing work or need daily assistance with their transcription needs.

Outsource Transcription to India

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Services we provide

  1. Business Support Services
  2. Copy Typing Services
  3. Dictation Transcription
  4. Court Transcription
  5. Podcast Transcription
  6. Interview Transcription
  7. Audio Book Transcription
  8. Marketing Transcription
  9. Accented English Transcription
  10. Legal Transcription
  11. Urgent Transcription
  12. Insurance Transcription
  13. Word Processing
  14. General Transcription
  15. Daily Transcription
  16. Transcription Softwares
  17. Law Firm Transcription
  18. Audio Typing Company
  19. Virtual Assistance

We welcome all

We invite all companies, big and small, to our transcription services in India.  We offer free trials and free quotations for any of our services above.

Outsource Transcription to India

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Transcription Service India is a TranscriptionPro project that will correct all the wrongs done by previous transcription companies in India.

Please give us a try.

About TranscriptionPro:  TranscriptionPro is a typing and transcription service agency providing low-cost, reliable and fast services.  Our customers vouch for our quality services and our long-term relations with them is testament to our efficient processes and trustworthiness.