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Looking for a transcription project management?

We are a professional transcription project management service providing fast, accurate and reliable transcription services.  Whether you have a one-off transcription project or a long-term transcription project, we are your ideal, reputable transcription service company.

We service small and big companies with their transcription projects.  We are secure and confidential and treat your data with complete confidentiality.

However big or small your transcription project is, you will find we can handle any transcription project.  Be it a legal transcription project or a business transcription project, we have handled them all.

As a professional transcription service, we welcome reputable businesses and companies to outsource their transcription project and take advantage of our experience and competent transcribers. We will handle the full cycle of the transcription project without any or minimum intervention from you.

We also offer other typing services like copy typing, data entry, creation and formatting of documents or PowerPoint slides.

Outsource Your Transcription Projects

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Transcription Project Management

If you have a big transcription project and wanted to hand over the management of the project, we welcome you.  We will manage your transcription project efficiently and professionally with daily reports and updates.  Our expert transcription managers will handle your transcription project with efficiency and quickly.

You will get professionally typed transcripts and documents that need no intervention on your part.

Transcription Project Process

We have a two-person transcription process.

One transcriber will type out the first draft and then another transcriber (Quality Analyst/Quality controller) will proof and edit the transcript for accuracy, consistency and conformity with your style and instructions.

This means that there is not need for you to re-proof your documents for mistakes and errors. Unintelligible words and phrases will be marked up for you to quick scan and correct before you use the documents.

Outsource Transcription Project

Outsource your transcription project to us for quality transcripts that are fast and efficiently carried out.  Experience the peace of mind that comes from delegating your transcription project to the professionals that manage transcription projects on a daily basis for over 10 years.

Secure Online Transcription Project

We offer a secure online transcription project management.  Our website is SSL certified that means that any information you send via this website is secure.  All our transcribers sign NDA and all your data and information are treated confidentially.  We are open to signing a confidential agreement before we begin your transcription project.

Transcription Project Outsourcing

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To initiate your transcription project, please write to us at car[email protected] with your requirements and instructions.

Projects we manage:

  1. Business Support Services
  2. Copy Typing Services
  3. Dictation Transcription
  4. Court Transcription
  5. Podcast Transcription
  6. Interview Transcription
  7. Audio Book Transcription
  8. Marketing Transcription
  9. Accented English Transcription
  10. Legal Transcription
  11. Urgent Transcription
  12. Insurance Transcription
  13. Word Processing
  14. General Transcription
  15. Daily Transcription
  16. Transcription Softwares
  17. Law Firm Transcription
  18. Audio Typing Company
  19. Virtual Assistance

Professional Transcription Services

We invite all companies, big and small, to outsource any transcription project.  We offer free trials and free quotations for any of our services above.

Please give us a try.

About TranscriptionPro:  TranscriptionPro is a typing and transcription service agency providing low-cost, reliable and fast services.  Our customers vouch for our quality services and our long-term relations with them is testament to our efficient processes and trustworthiness.

Transcription Outsourcing

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