Transcription Facts and Figures [Infographic]

Mankind has always used transcription services in one form or the other to record his evolution through the ages.  According to the below infographic compiled by Take 1 Transcription, the word “transcription” itself has been in use since the 17th century and supposedly, owes its origin to the Latin word ‘transcribere’.

Today, a large number of businesses rely on transcription services for repurposing video and audio content into articles, blogs or books, for increasing visibility and SEO rankings, and for saving time. Transcription services also allow big businesses to endear themselves to an audience with a hearing disability.

Transcription services improves productivity and efficiency of businesses, increases profitability and reduces costs.  Document production has never been easier thanks to online transcription services.

Interesting Transcription Facts & Transcription Statistics [infographic]

transcription facts and figures

We hope this transcription facts and figure infographic is helpful in understanding how transcription works, what transcription is, how it helps businesses and individuals be more productive by taking out the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks from daily office workers.

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