The Unwitting Role of Transcription in Content Strategy

Content strategy is the planning, development and management of informational content – written or in other media.

It is also the strategic use and re-use of content to generate desired responses (in the form of comment from readers, purchases from clients, love from fans, etc).

It is the process by which the impact of content is maximized by re-distribution and re-purposing of content into other media, where appropriate.

Content strategy is required to achieve business goals and objectives. Therefore a good content strategy should have readability, share-ability and find-ability.

Why is content strategy required for internet marketing strategy

Simply put, every podcaster and online marketer needs content strategy. We require content strategy to maximize the impact and reach, and to maximize the earnings from our creative contents.

Most online marketers, whether they are producing audio podcasts on iTunes or videos on Youtube, suffer from lack of exposure and limited ways to monetize to really make them money.

These twin problems are solved or can be solved by carefully laying out a content strategy for your podcasts and other creative contents.  Podcasts usually lack in at least one or the other of the three vital elements of readability, shareability or findability.

That is, podcasts are usually not readable (you can only hear and see them), not easy to share (you can’t print out a video and show your friend!) and they are not search engine optimized (not SEO’d).

With the help of transcription podcasters can develop products (books/ebooks) and courses that earn money and promote their businesses.

The Central Role of Transcription in Multimedia Content Strategy

A good online multimedia content strategy has transcription at the core of its strategy. This is because transcription allows for re-distribution and re-purposing of multimedia content in various media.

Transcription solves the problem of readability, share-ability (easily quote a paragraph from the whole article, tweet a line from the passage, print out the whole article and share it with friends and family, etc) and find-ability (Google loves keyword-rich text content).

Transcription is the “missing link” in the chain of content production and business profitability. It is the missing ingredient for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who are not successful.

Transcription converts a multimedia content into text content that is search friendly, easily shared and converted into other formats (PDF, txt, HTML, etc) and re-purposed into books and ebook, even.

Transcription turns a simple series/collection of podcasts into informational products like ebook/book or online courses, etc. It’s the easily way to start earning passive income actively!

audio and video transcription service

As you can see from the above diagram, transcription turns a video or audio into:-

• caption for the video/audio (to reach out to the hearing impaired and non-native language speakers)
• downloadable PDF on your website to offer subscribers, etc
• becomes a blog post (allows affiliate marketing and contextual ads display)
• use the article for article marketing (promotes your business)
• turn it into an ebook/book (passive income on auto-pilot)
• submit as guest post on other blogs to promote your business
• use it as part of your premium online course (passive income on auto-pilot)
• use it as a content for your newsletter (engage your fans, subscribers and prospects)
• content for membership sites (passive income on auto-pilot)

And, I’m sure you can think of more ways to use or re-purpose the podcasts into premium products.
Transcription allows multimedia digital contents (webinars, seminar recordings, podcasts, etc) into informational products that establish you as the thought leader and market leader in your niche.

Transcription allows you to be everywhere and anywhere – establishing your brand. Don’t restrict yourself or your podcast only to Youtube or your blog.

Transcription is an investment all podcasters should make to use their digital content to propel their business to the next level.  Affordable and reliable transcription service should be part of your online marketing effort and campaigns.

Your Turn: Do you have a content strategy for your podcasts, webinars and videos? Do share with us!
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