Low-cost Transcription and Translation Services for Businesses

TranscriptionPro offers affordable transcription and translation services that improves your productivity and profitability.

We carry out transcription and translation from any format of audio files. Our expert English transcription and translation experts will work night and day to deliver quality services.

We provide transcription and translation services in English and Tedim Chin. Our English transcription services is a premier service endorsed by many businesses and professionals.

Tedim Chin transcription and translation service

If you have Tedim Chin audio files that need transcription and translation in to English we are your only professional agency that caters to Tedim Chin audio files transcription and translation.

We have had experience working with US Courts in transcribing and translating Tedim Chin audio files from court depositions.

We, in fact, assisted in the transcription and translation of a documentary film called I Learn America by Gitte Peng.

We enjoy Tedim Chin translation and transcribing Tedim Chin audio files and will continue to offer exciting offers in future.

We are Professionals

Most of us have at least 10 years of experience transcribing audio files and dictations.  We work with big and small businesses and companies that need transcription and translation services.

Confidential and integrity are two guiding principles as an agency that deals with personal and confidential information every day.

All our professional transcribers and translators sign NDAs to work with us and we are open to signing non-disclosure agreements with our customers.

Other Transcription Services We Provide:

  1. Business Support Services
  2. Copy Typing Services
  3. Dictation Transcription
  4. Court Transcription
  5. Legal Transcription
  6. Insurance Transcription
  7. Word Processing
  8. General Transcription
  9. Virtual Assistant Services
  10. Keyword Research Services

Outsource any transcription, copy typing and translation services to us at affordable rates for high quality results.