Transcription 2-Level Process

At TranscriptionPro, we have in place a 2-level transcription process to ensure the highest quality transcripts and adhere to strict client styles and instructions.

Transcription Quality Assurance

Essentially, this strict quality control process is designed to ensure that at least two transcribers review every piece of transcription or work performed.  Even when it might be considered a ‘simple’ situation.

In a more complex situation, we’d often have a third or even fourth transcriber/editor revie
wing the transcripts who are experts and experienced in that particular content area.

2-Level Transcription Process

The first level of transcription entails a transcriber typing out the content of an audio recording on to a Word processing software, usually MS Word.  His or her job is to quickly type out the transcript and report any issues in the recording, if any. He is to use the right template and follow the instructions and styles of the client as closely as possible.

The second level of transcription is simply called proofing.  It entails an editor or a quality assurance editor who listens to the recording all over again while checking the typed transcript.

The editor looks for issues in grammar, consistency of spelling and context.  He corrects mishears, formatting issues, and all the indiscernible tags left behind by the first-level transcriber.

He or she then provides feedback to the first level transcriber so the transcriber can improve his or her transcription skills.

Our 2-level transcription process, therefore, provides an excellent quality assurance and is an internal skill development process as well.Transcription quality assurance process

Beyond 98% Accuracy

While 98% accuracy in transcription is the acceptable quality standard, we always work towards 100% accuracy.

When we are faced with difficult audios, it is not uncommon to assign them to experienced and expert editors.  Editors who are familiar with the client’s instructions and styles are always preferred to work on transcripts that are difficult.

Sometimes we are required to do extensive research on the subject matter and to reference credible sources to improve the quality of our transcripts.  This may include internet research of individual names and places, legal codes and scientific studies.

We’re always cross-checking and cross-referencing websites to confirm spellings and details to get everything right and accurate.    Proper use of punctuations and flow of sentences is taken into consideration for the overall quality of a transcript.

Going into all this trouble, also allows us to ensure consistency that is vital to the nature of a document.

Our goal is to produce documents that are grammatically proper, factually correct, and easy to read.

Our clients should be able to print off or send it off to their clients and/or to any other third party once they receive their transcripts.  They should be confident that everything in their document is going to be proper, correct and accurate.

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