18 Days in Lockdown – a Transcriber’s Life

India has been in lockdown since 25th March 2020 due to Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19).  Today is, therefore, the 18th day since we’re in lockdown and it looks like the government of India will extend the lockdown until 3 May 2020.

I just want to take a moment to reflect on my life in lockdown.

Life of a Transcriber in Lockdown

Due to the global nature of our work, transcription business or industry is affected by any global event.  This COVID-19 crisis is no different.  Any lockdown in the US, Australia or the UK is bound to have direct impact on our work.  Therefore, we are especially impacted by some of our clients in the US, especially in the New York – New Jersey area who are unable to work or go to work.

Although, when lockdown was announced in India I was not especially concerned.  If our clients can work and have work for us, we can always work from home.

As long as we are healthy and safe, we can work from our homes.  With good internet connection and safe environment to work from, there’s no difference in our daily routine.

Our local groceries and shops are open for everyday needs. ATMs still have money in them and hospitals are still working as usual (those not used by the COVID-19 management team of the city).  Schools are closed and children are getting restless leading to them spending more time online.

Is demand for transcription services impacted by COVID-19 crisis?

Of course,  the demand for transcription services has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  As some of our customers are unable to work, our transcription work has dried up.  However, there are some clients who are able to work and some new customers who have discovered our services during this crisis, which is a nice surprise to us.

Some of our transcribers are, in fact, taking advantage of the situation we are in and working much more hours than usual.  As they cannot go out and socialise any way, we love doing what we do best – transcribing!

What does the future look like for the transcription industry?

I personally think if the crisis has taught us anything it is this: we can work from home and be productive members of society.  I believe businesses and companies will be more open to the idea of letting some, if not all, of their employees to work from home in the future.  They will have soon worked out the benefits of such arrangement.  They will have happier employees with better output and result, as well as cutting down their costs in office space, hardwares and softwares, etc.

Therefore, businesses likes law firms that are used to employing transcribers and editors will look for alternatives. The alternatives being outsourcing their transcription needs. Therefore, further cutting their costs.

I think the future of transcription industry is brighter than ever before. Post-COVID-19, we’ll see more customers an clients that will need our assistance as they embrace lean production and lean business principles.  Just like the use of Zoom has increased during this time, people will adapt to new ways of working and embrace a new way of life.

So how are you faring under lockdown? Share your experiences in the comments below.  Please stay in-doors, be safe and keep the faith!

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