What are Track Changes?

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Track Changes

Track Changes is a function or feature in MS Word and other word processing softwares whereby changes that are made to the original document are tracked or highlight.  The track changes tab is on the ribbon tab under Review in MS Word.

microsoft track changes

The track changes is activated by clicking on the Track Change button.

The track changes function allows for collaboration on a single document by multiple people on the same document. The track changes functions are a version tracker.  It is commonly used in the publishing and legal industries.

Track changes allow you to see what and where you, or others, have made changes and amendments in a document.

At TranscriptionPro, we use track changes to give feedback to our transcribers by our quality controllers and quality analysts (QA).  It highlights all the changes the QA makes on the transcriber’s transcripts and allows the transcriber to learn from the mistakes he’s made.

We also use track changes on any editing task or proofreading task from our customers.  This allows a customer to see the change and editing being made on his document and allows him to accept or reject the changes.

Track Changes is a powerful tool for any transcription expert or copy-editing expert.

Once your editing is done, you can review the changes you’ve made yourself or someone else can further review them.  If you’re satisfied with the changes, you can accept all the changes by clicking on the Accept button to the right of the Track Change button.

Hope this editing and transcription tip is useful to you.  Feel free to share other useful tips that you use in your editing or transcription profession.

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