The Best Transcription Services? Stick With One!

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As a Baptist pastor’s son growing up in a small border town between India and Burma, I learned very early on about the benefits of long-term relationships.

You see, we never had enough money. So, my mum would always shop at a particular store where she could take anything on credit.

The store owners and my mum had a very close relationship that was built over a long period of time. It was based on trust and mutual benefit. We get stuffs we need on credit any time; the shop owners get paid regularly.

Even when returning to the town after years from elsewhere, we would still shop at the same store.

The last time I visited the town, I went and introduced myself (after almost 10 years’ gap) to the shop-owners and spent some time speaking with the store owners (they are getting old now, though). They are more like our family friends than just shop-owners in the neighbourhood.

• Long-term relationships are built in time.
• Long-term relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.
• Long-term relationships are built on constant and frequent communication.
• Long-term relationships are built on mutual benefit.

One of the many defects I see with bidding sites is there’s no scope or chance of building any kind of relationships with your clients and customers.

Can you even claim them as your own clients and customers in the first place? Their contacts and information are all owned and controlled by the site.

The best transcription service provider

With a long-term transcription provider you can trust, you don’t have to worry about posting a job ad constantly looking for a new transcription provider to work with, who you can’t even be sure if they are any good or if they are trustworthy.

TranscriptionPro aims to be that transcription provider that is trusted by customers and users.  We are keen on building relationships with lawyers, solicitors, professionals and business owners who need transcription and other secretarial assistance.  We aim to provide cost-effective and efficient services to our customers.  We are here to stay.  We are here for the long haul.

Nothing makes us more happy and proud than to see our clients giving us ‘happy’ feedback!

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