Terms of Service

Welcome to the terms and conditions of the TranscriptionPro!

Thank you for considering us your favorite transcription and secretarial service! Please read and understand this page our terms and conditions before you order from us.

  1. Our company, TranscriptionPro, offers you the best assistance we can give. If you meet any problems because of wrong email, faulty machines for printing, and lack of internet connection, you should report to us for help.
  2. We work with contractors who signed NDA with us. All information you share with us is confidential. But still, our service understands that there is a minimum risk of leaks. Our liability for keeping all information secure is limited with the amounts payable to us.
  3. We should underline that the final typed texts we provide should be additionally rechecked for accuracy, especially if these materials are intended to be used in situations when the human lives or well-being may be affected. Our liability for any damage caused by inaccuracy is limited with the amounts payable to us.
  4. MS Word is used to work on all typing projects. If you need another format, inform TranscriptionPro right away.
  5. Do not communicate with TranscriptionPro if you will use another email address. When you do, our Fraud team will check on you for Fraud.
  6. A free of charge revision of your project can only be given if you send TranscriptionPro an email within seven days.
  7. Translation projects are outsourced.  We use vendors to do it, but any violations they do, report to us.
  8. Videos, articles, images on TranscriptionPro are for information and marketing purposes only.