Speech to text transcription for businesses

Do you need speech to text conversion and transcription services?  

TranscriptionPro is a premier speech to text conversion specialist offering our services to business, big and small.

We offer our speech to text transcription services to individuals as well as companies and other businesses that need transcription.

If you record your speech and want to convert them into text, we can assist you. We love speech to text conversion. We love converting speech to text by typing and transcribing audio files on to Word processing software.

Benefits of Speech to Text Conversion

The process of converting speech to text is also called transcription or transcribing.  There are a number of benefits of converting speech to text.  Listed below are some of the benefits of speech to text conversion.

  1. The conversion of a content from speech to text is what content marketers call repurposing content.  It is a very useful way to multiply and diversify your content into different formats.
  2. When speech is converted to text, it is easier to skim through.  Therefore people love podcast transcripts on websites even though they also love podcast as a medium.
  3. Publishing the text version of a podcast on a website has tremendous SEO benefits for your website.  Because search engines like Google still favor text over audio and videos.
  4. Again transcribing audio files into text allows you to repurpose your speech into an article or a chapter in your book.  You can even use it in your newsletters and magazine contributions, etc.

Are you a speaker who records your speeches?

Get your speeches transcribed in Word formats so you can use it later in your autobiography and other presentations and speeches all over again. Your transcribed speeches can also be easily printed off and handed out to family and friends to get feedback on.  There are situations where printed speeches are more easily shareable then audio recorded speeches on the internet.

The sentimental value of having your speech recorded and shared online is great.  Having it transcribed and printed off into physical paper and being able to share it with your colleagues and other people is still very useful and increasing the value of your speech.

We encourage thought leaders, orators, pastors, professional speakers and other motivational speakers to get their speeches transcribed so they add more value to their body of works.

From the transcribed speech one can easily pick out quotable quotes to be used in articles, magazines, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Take advantage of your already existing resources and make them work hard for you today.