One Simple and Easy Way to Create Thousands of Documents Everyday

Creating documents after documents can be mind-numbingly monotonous and boring too.  Creating documents take a lot of time, especially if you have to start from scratch every single time.

Are you tired of creating almost similar documents over and over again?

There is a easy and effective way to create documents without spending too much time.  That is, instead of starting from scratch every time, you use one document as a standard or a template and create documents off of that standard document.

How to create hundreds of documents everyday in a jiffy

  1. First, identify a document that has all the essential elements, text and images, if any, in the correct format and style.
  2. Now save this document as a Word Template.  That is, you now save your document as .dotx or .dot and not .doc or .docx.
  3. Once you save a document as a template you can keep using this document as the standard document and make any changes necessary to create new documents.
  4. When you click open a Word template file you will be prompted to rename and save the document as a separate document.  The document you clicked open will not be edited or changed in any way.  Therefore preserving the standard while easily creating new documents based on the standard document.
  5. In the newly named and saved document you can make whatever changes or editing you wish to make.

So basically, you can have a letter template, a note template, a report template, etc depending on the kind of work and document you create in your business.

Creating document templates helps:

  • secure the integrity of the content
  • consistency in style and format of a document
  • ease editing and amendments
  • save time and effort when you need new documents (especially with very minimal changes)

Creating templates and standards to your documents also helps give you a certain brand and identity to your business. It is always wise to create standard business documents with your logos and business information ready to be used and re-used easily.

Give this tip a try and tell us what you think in the comments.

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