Should a Lawyer Find Time to Blog Every Day?


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This is a question posed by Kevin O’Keefe on his blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

He’s given some very useful tips for lawyers who are finding hard to write their blogs.

My comment on the blog is (with all the typos included):

One way to blog more regularly is to use contents you already are producing in your daily practice. So, say, you are writing a letter to a client and explaining a concept to her. Perhaps that explanation can be a blog post that’s also useful to many people? Or your conduct conference calls and telephone interviews where you talk about things that might be useful to others. Get your conference calls or interviews transcribed and then use the apporpriate portions of it for a blog post.

My point is, you don’t necessarily take the time out to blog — you already have them!

Blogging every day may be impossible — blogging regularly may be more achievable and realistic for most lawyers.

Blogging is a great way to have conversation and it could just be simple updates (aka Facebook and Twitter).

It doesn’t always have to be articles and in-depth analysis of concepts.  Like this blog.

It’s a way to curate your content rather than posting them on Facebook and Twitter.  You are building up your own content rather than giving them away to Facebook and other social media sites.

Blogging is a great way to showcase yourself, make yourself more accessible to your prospect and being relevant and up-to-date.

So lawyers and professionals who are too busy to blog, think again.  If you are too busy to promote yourself, there might came a time when you have nothing else to promote.


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