Reliable Transcription Service for Small Real Estate Firms

I started TranscriptionPro after years of experience transcribing for some of the biggest real estate and law firms in the UK and US.

I really enjoyed transcribing for real estate professionals and I understand their requirements.

Real estate professionals or surveyors doing reports and building surveys usually require fast turnaround time.  Their reports are usually done on-site and therefore the recordings are not usually the best in quality.

However, I enjoyed doing the best I can to deliver their reports and surveys on time.

Reliable Transcription Service for Real Estate Firms

So I would like to just reiterate that we are providing transcription and word processing services to real estate firms, whether they are small or big firms.

We process a wide range of work for surveyors.  Some of them are Purchase Reports, Sales Reports, House Surveys, Pitches, Structural Reports, Cost Reports, Bank Valuations, Project Management Reports and Updates, Development Studies and Feasibility’s, Expert and Witness Submissions.

We take confidentiality and security very seriously and take good care of data security.



  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • Urgent service
  • Average savings of over 60%
  • Delivering a quality reliable service
  • Reduced billing cycles
  • Reduced work in progress
  • Flexibility with erratic typing volumes
  • No more staff absence
  • Variable rather than fixed costs
  • We work on your document templates
  • We can fully integrate with your case management systems
  • We can be set up as a typist within your voice file handling systems and process your work as if we were in your office

We provide reliable transcription service for real estate firms at affordable rate, quick turnaround and secure and confidential services.

Free Trial Transcription

We also offer absolutely free 5-day 5 hour transcription service to all real estate firms that are looking to save cost and interested in saving valuable time.

If you are a solo or small real estate firm, contact us now for affordable transcription rates.  We guarantee at least 30% savings from your current transcription provider, if you can produce original invoice from your provider.