Real Estate Transcription Services Improves Real Estate Professionals’ Efficiency and Mobility

Real Estate Transcription ServicesDo you need transcription services for your real estate firm or your property reports? Do you want to improve your productivity and increase your profits at the same time?

When a new house is registered in a property management company an initial report of the condition of that property needs to be done.  Also known as property condition assessment (PCA), it is an inspection of the condition of a house or property for sale, valuation and simply for property management.

A property condition report covers ten major areas including

  1. Building Site (Topography, drainage, retaining walls, paving, curbing, lighting)
  2. Building Envelope (Windows and Walls)
  3. Structural (Foundation and Framing)
  4. Interior Elements (Stairways, hallways, common areas)
  5. Roofing Systems
  6. Mechanical (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  7. Plumbing
  8. Electrical
  9. Vertical Trans (Elevators and escalators
  10. Life Safety, ADA, Code Comp. Air Quality (Fire Codes, Handicapped Accessibility, Water/Mold

Also known as site survey, property condition report is done by surveyors or real estate agents and engineers to cost a property, to evaluate the condition of a property after major disasters, or before transfer of property.

Property condition reports are done by dictating an audio report of each property which is then transcribed by a transcriptionist.  The users of a PCA may include a seller, a potential buyer, a lender, an investor or an owner.

Property condition reports may be of use for:

  • Negotiating the purchase price of a property (buyer)
  • Capital or strategic planning (an owner)
  • Loan approval (a lender)

Real Estate Transcription Services For Productivity

Digital dictations by surveyors of the condition of the properties are transcribed by professional transcription services like TranscriptionPro.  We work with real estate firms to serve their every typing and transcription needs on a daily basis.  We are your back office in that sense.

As a professional English transcription company, we improve the efficiency and mobility of real estate professionals who usually work on-site.  Surveyors usually dictate on-site and send their digital dictations as soon as they are done surveying the site or buildings.  These are then transcribed and sent back to them in MS Word formats.  Therefore, greatly increasing their productivity and mobility.

We provide accurate, timely and proofread transcripts of the property condition reports that are strategic to real estate owners and buyers.  Our daily transcription service, our urgent transcription services are great to save time and money.  Why hire when you get better services by outsourcing?

You will save time and effort in having a professionally typed property condition report is client-ready – error-free, properly formatted and custom perfected to your branding.

If you need fast transcription services, we offer urgent transcription services to law firms and real estate firms that can be as fast as 4-hour turnaround or 6-hour delivery, etc. to meet your need.

We welcome surveyors and real estate professionals and management to take our free trial offer for Real Estate Transcription Services.  We will customize our service to meet your every need and wishes.  Our affordable real estate transcription services are second to none. Our experience with working with the best and biggest real estate global firms ensures we know what we’re doing.

Other services we can provide to real estate firms include:

By using any of the services above, your real estate firm will increase its productivity and increase it’s profitability at the same time.  This is because we provide affordable solutions that reduce your cost compared to hiring in-house staff that are expensive, and also by our proven efficiencies.

About the author: Carey Suante is a writer and entrepreneur.  He is also a transcriber who has been transcribing property condition reports and site surveys for over 6 years for major real estate companies in the world like Savills, Doherty Baines, NB Real Estates, etc.