A Simple & Easy Way to Rank your Podcast Higher in Google

Do you want to rank your podcast higher in Google?  That’s a stupid question, I know.  Of course, you do.  You want to rank your podcast higher in Google and other search engines because that means better conversion and therefore more money for your business.

Ranking your podcast higher in Google means more visitors and listeners and therefore more customers or followers.  We don’t have to discuss the importance of ranking in Google’s first page.

Rank your Podcast Higher in Google using Transcription

A very simple, yet effective way to rank your podcast higher in Google is to transcribe your podcast.

Transcribing your podcast into text is very easy.  You can typed out your podcast by listening to your recordings all over again or by outsourcing them to a professional transcription agency like TranscriptionPro.

Once you get your podcast transcribed, publish your transcripts along with the podcast or use the transcripts as stand-alone articles on your website.  That way Google will index your transcripts and your website will rank for whatever topics you are talking about in your podcast.

You can rank your podcast higher in Google by publishing the transcripts of your podcast as most podcasters, lucky for you, don’t transcribe their podcast.

Publishing your podcast transcripts also make your podcast website more friendly to your listeners because some people do want to read rather than listen.  Most people simply want to skim through your podcasts rather than listen through the whole podcasts.

Optimizing your podcast is achieved by simply having your recordings transcribed and converted to text articles.  You are therefore, adding more content to your website and therefore there is more chance of you ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

Use a professional transcription service

We transcribe podcast at very affordable rates that benefit your business or website by ranking it high in Google.  Podcast transcription is the process of converting podcast into transcripts.

Our professional transcriptionists are more than capable of producing print-ready or post-ready podcast transcripts.  We can do verbatim transcription, edited transcription and also urgent transcription.  TranscriptionPro is an established English transcription service providing daily transcription of general transcription, legal transcription among others.

We also act as virtual assistants to podcasters.

In fact, one of our current customers let us SEO the transcripts and made us post the transcripts on his website.  We do all this at very affordable rates.

While it is great to record and publish podcast, it is better to transcribe and publish podcast transcripts to rank higher in Google.