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There is a lot of ambiguity around Chin translation.  Most of the translation agencies coming to us (as they cannot do it themselves) don’t even know what Chin they are talking about.  Some even confusing it with Chinese.

Most often than not, we ended up explaining to them there are three major Chin dialects – Tedim, Falam and Hakha.

Announcing the only Chin Translation Service

To address this lack of professional Chin translation, we are now offering Chin translation services.

The difference between other Chin translation services and ours?  We actually speak and write Chin dialects!

Yeah, that’s right.  We have a team of native Chin speakers who are trained translators and/or interpreters.  We translate either from audios or documents.

Mostly Chin speakers are from the Chin State of Myanmar (Burma).  They have now been displaced to United States, Australia and many other countries where they struggle to learn a new language.

It is our hope we are of service to agencies (government or otherwise) that serve these communities wherever they may be.

My Personal Experience

On a more personal level, I have been translating English to Tedim Chin or Tedim Chin to English for over five (5) years now.  Frankly, there are no professional Chin translation service anywhere.  So ours is the first and only professional Chin translation service anywhere.

I’m not a trained Chin translator.   It was around the year 2000 when I was contacted out of the blue by a filmmaker Gitte Peng to work on some translation that was needed for her award-winning documentary, I Learn America.

I Learn America, Official Trailer from I LEARN AMERICA on Vimeo.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to partner with a number of US-based translation agencies to work with them. But, I’ve been thinking of way to begin my own translation service.

Due to the fact that Chin is not a widely spoken language or dialect, translators and interpreters are very hard to come by.  The few that speak and write English are engaged in their own communities in translation or interpreting services in their own personal capacities.  No agency exists that has professional Chin translation services until now.

Languages we translate and transcribe

We translate:

English to Tedim/Tiddim Chin

English to Falam Chin

English to Hakha Chin, and vice versa

We also translate and transcribe Burmese and other languages.


Please write to [email protected] to learn more about our translation services.

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