Privacy Policy

TranscriptionPro welcomes your visit here. This is our statement of privacy that you can refer to so that you know how and why our company collects your confidential information.

  1. TranscriptionPro is a typing and transcription agency transcribing audios and videos as well as carrying out other typing and administrative tasks for customers. Inform TranscriptionPro if you meet problems on delivery because of wrong email, faulty or broken machines, and having no online connection.
  2. TranscriptionPro gathers your personal details including your email, name, and mobile details for the purpose of communicating with you.
  3. TranscriptionPro collects and records traffic and site usage through your automatic details such as IP address, browsing habits, and others.
  4. TranscriptionPro use cookies to improve our pages; when you turn off yours, you cannot see special pages here.

In short, we respect your privacy and jealously guard your private and confidential information from any other company or individuals outside the company.