Multiply Your Content: Podcasts to Blog Posts

The easiest way to multiply your content on your blog is to transcribe your podcasts and videos and turn them into new articles and blog posts.

Blogging is easy.  Coming up with new blog post is difficult.

Most bloggers who start writing for some time will tell you the most difficult thing in blogging is coming up with new content idea to write about.

Transcription is a simple and effective way to multiply your content.  More words; more eyeballs!

Outsource your podcasts for transcription

If you have a blog and have some podcasts or videos of you interviewing experts in your field, this is one simple way to multiply your content online.

Podcasters who are not converting their podcast shows into articles are missing out big time.  Your interviews and shows can be turned into new articles and posts on your blog.

This can be easily done by simply outsourcing your audios and video for transcription.  Transcription agencies will transcribe your podcasts and videos into editable text (articles) that you can re-use on your blog or website.

Your podcasts can be on any topic; they can be transcribed.  Whether you talk about fashion, family, finance, your education, your pet, management, arts, design, web development or phones, we can get you accurate transcripts of your podcasts and shows.

More content on your blog will mean better SEO value and your visitors will appreciate you for going the extra mile for their convenience.  Believe it or not, some people prefer reading to listening.  Most like to skim through interesting blogs, also.  They hate wasting time listening to podcasts.

Bloggers and podcasters with audio and video materials on their blogs and website will benefit from transcription.

You can also effortlessly turn your transcripts into ebooks and reports.  More products for you to make use of to make money or promote your brand.

We looove transcribing podcasts!!

Podcast transcription is one of our expertise here at TranscriptionPro.  In fact, it is very enjoyable for us since we’re also into blogging and all things interesting online.

Why us?  Because we love what we do and we’re very good at what we do.  We are very good typists and editors.  We type accurately and effortlessly complete all typing projects on time.

Do contact us to take advantage of your dormant podcasts and videos.  We will transcribe them for you at very affordable rates.