Outsource to Indian Transcribers and Save Millions

Law firms, especially in UK and US, are taking advantage of the low transcription rates and growing their law firms.

India is a good place to outsource because English is widely used and is one of the official languages recognized by the government.

English is the main instruction language in schools and colleges in India.  Therefore, Indian students are fluent in English.

Our transcribers are college educated professionals who have had experience transcribing for US and UK law firms for at least 5-6 years.  They are well trained and well verse in the transcription of dictation transcription from lawyers in all sorts of fields.

TranscriptionPro also offers a free 5-day trial to all law firms willing to outsource their dictation transcription to us.  We promise the best quality transcription you need and meeting your deadlines.  We also promise you will be able to save millions of dollars outsourcing to us.

Our excellent transcribers are well-verse in UK and US English and can decipher almost all accents in the UK and US.

Apart from transcription we can also promise other Word processing services to your law firm at very affordable rates.

Outsourcing to Indian transcribers like us will allow you to spend your money where it matters – to promote your practice and law firm.

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