Our Story

  • Humble Beginning

    TranscriptionPro was born as a blog in 2008 and slowly gained visibility and connection within the transcription industry.  Within a year, it evolved into a freelance business.  This gave rise to opportunities of collaboration with other service providers and of serving direct customers.

    The next two years saw the rapid solidification of TranscriptionPro’s reputation and credibility and turned itself into a full-blown business.

    Carey Suante, the founder of TranscriptionPro, always says, “Quality matters.  Whether we serve a client or thousands of clients, quality must be our priority.”  That is the reason behind our success. He left his job at KPMG to focus full-time on TranscriptionPro and it’s customers.

    The story of TranscriptionPro is a story of individual obsession turning into collective service.  Carey’s obsession with transcription service and willingness to go the extra mile all by himself in his spare time is what brought TranscriptionPro to where we are today.

    Carey spent his after-office and holidays building this freelance transcription business.  Of course, his deep interest in social media and online marketing has helped tremendously in the early stages of its story.

    We continue to stay true to our story by repeating the same story with our transcription team members.

    Hope you enjoy learning more about us.  We enjoy sharing our stories.

    Services we provide

    Our Social Goal

    One of our goals is to provide employment to educated unemployed youths from the tribal states of Northeast India.

    These tribal minorities are educated in English medium schools and colleges and are known for their hard-working and sincere nature.

    We want to do our part by giving them the opportunity to improve their lives.

    We also support mission work in Northeast India by monetary contributions and also by providing services such as installation, design and management of website, creation of documents and by our creative inputs.

    If you are interested in helping any cause through us, contact Carey at [email protected] .

    Service to all

    We now serve customers from all over the world — New York, USA to Brisbane, Australia.

    Check out the quality services we offer you to achieve the success you deserve.

    We guarantee fast, accurate and responsive service.