Online Transcription Service: 3 Benefits for Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners

Looking for an alternative to hiring full-time secretaries?

online transcription service

Online transcription agency for small law firms and solo practitioners

Is online transcription services only for big law firms and organisations?

No. Of course, not.

In fact, it’s small law firms and private solo practitioners that will reap greater benefits from online transcription and typing services.

What are the benefits of using online transcription and typing services?

1. Cost Savings

According to Simply Hired, the average salary for a full-time transcriptionist in the United States today is $26,000 per year. So employing a single full-time transcriptionist could cost a small law firm or a solo practitioner upwards of $52,000 annually. And this doesn’t include paid leaves, benefits, taxes and other costs.

With an online transcription service, you only pay for the work done. An online transcription service typically charges a by-the-minute or by-the-page fee for each individual audio file.  Nothing more.

2. Flexible

Regardless of the scale of your transcription and typing needs, most online typing services will have the personnel to handle.

However, if you use your own typing/transcription assistant, you risk finding yourself short-handed at peak times. This can put you at risk of spending more money to bring in temps or settling for reduced accuracy and timeliness.

3. Skilled Professionals

Finally, online transcription services are specialists and professionals. So they are in a position to maintain a staff of fully qualified, well-trained employees.

With an online transcription service, you can trust your transcription projects to a team that specializes not only in transcription, but transcription within your industry. Plus, when you work with a superior online transcription service provider the quality of their work is monitored and guaranteed by supervisors who are also transcription experts.

Numbers don’t lie

The numbers don’t lie.  Unless you expect a need for exactly 40 hours per week of transcription needs – which is doubtful for a small law firm or a solo practitioner – you are better off outsourcing your transcription needs to an online professional service that can scale up or down as quickly as you need.

In today’s unpredictable business environment, most small law firms and solo practitioners are likely to find that outsourcing their transcription needs is the perfect solution.

Ready to outsource your transcription projects to an online transcription service?