Online Transcriber

Are you looking for an online transcriber or an online transcriptionist?

TranscriptionPro is an online transcriber with a team of expert and experienced transcribers typing everyday to meet the needs of over 50 companies.

We are one of the best transcription companies online.

Our transcriber services are fast, accurate and reliable. Your information and data is safe with us.

Our transcription and typing services are low-cost and inexpensive.

Online Transcriber Advantages

  • Using online transcribers like TranscriptionPro will save cost, gain you more time and have no worries.
  • Every single hour we spend typing your dictation and audio is an hour gain by you!
  • The value of our time spend is only equal to the value you produce at your office or in your business.
  • Our transcribers are very fast typists and accurate transcribers.
  • They are well versed with different subjects or topics and therefore can type for any professional from any industry.
  • We are MS Word experts and will format your documents to meet your professional standards and custom styles.

Transcriber Services we offer:

  1. Legal dictation transcription
  2. Deposition transcription
  3. Insurance transcription
  4. Interview transcription
  5. Copy typing
  6. Data entry
  7. Audio typing
  8. And other virtual assistance services

Transcriber’s Guarantee

As professional transcribers, we understand your need.  You need accurately type and properly formatted documents.  You need security of your data and information.

All transcribers with TranscriptionPro are required to sign an NDA.  We are open to signing a confidentiality agreement with you.  Our website and file sharing sites are safe and secure with SSL encryption.