Local transcription service v. Online transcription service

You always have the choice between using your local transcription service versus an online transcription service.

There might be reasons, very good reasons, to use a local transcription service.

But in this day and age, it’s wise to stop and think why you would want to go out and seek a local transcription agency.  Go out.  Yes, you will have to actually go out and look for a local transcription service if you insist on using one.

However, thanks to internet all you have to do is search online to find a transcription service.  You can find one without having to go out and spend time looking up a transcription service locally.  Walking around your neighborhood or city might not be your idea of a productive time.

That is why it’s always convenient to look for a transcription online.

So I reckon your choice to look for a transcription agency to outsourcing your transcribing work to is the internet.

Benefits of Using an Online Transcription Service

  1. Searching online for a transcription service makes sense because you spend very little time searching for it.
  2. Online transcription service like TranscriptionPro is very responsive and will reply your emails and queries within hours, if not minutes.
  3. An online transcription service like TranscriptionPro will provide social proofs or testimonials from their customers on their website and all their service details that it’s very easy to decide whether you want to use our services or not.  Your local transcription service providers may not be very forthcoming and open about such things.
  4. Also online transcription services provide with transcription rates and cost upfront making your decision-making easy and without wasting any time.
  5. Online transcription services usually have great upload and file sharing facilities.  They are very good with their search engine optimizations (SEO) and design so they are easy to find.
  6. Online transcription services, if they are anything like TranscriptionPro, have a variety of experiences working with so many different customers from so many different countries, they are truly global services.  Their wide exposure enhance their capability and abilities.

Cons of using Local Transcription Services

  1. Local transcription services, by definition, only serve their local market and so their exposure and therefore abilities are limited.
  2. Unless you want to physically deliver files and documents for transcription and receive your transcripts physically, what’s the point!

Online transcription services can do much better what any local transcription service can do.  They are better suited to the needs of businesses and professionals who serve global customers and clients and have global interest.

Local transcription services are a bad idea to even think about using them.  Professional transcription and typing services provide superior and competent transcription service that is responsive, reliable and affordable.

Apart from transcription services, they are qualified to provide other administrative secretarial tasks and projects.  For example, at TranscriptionPro we provide document editing, copy typing, proofreading, SEO-optimized transcripts for podcasters and even blog post ready transcripts.

We also provide keyword research and website optimization advice to our customers.

The versatility and comprehensive services we provide can only be matched by big firms and corporate companies with hundreds of employees, if not thousands.

So never shy from hiring online transcription service like TranscriptionPro to deliver service your office needs.  We are capable and competent to help anyone, small firms to big firms.

Need urgent transcription service?  We provide urgent transcription service.

Need verbatim transcription service?  We provide verbatim transcription service.

Need keyword research assistance?  We provide keyword research assistance for your website and business.

Need copy typing services?  We provide them.

We also provide general transcription, daily transcription, weekend transcription, legal transcription, business transcription, law firm transcription, dictation transcription, sermon transcription, interview transcription and lots more.

All you have to do is ask and we probably can deliver results you need.


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