Legal Transcription Service

Legal Transcription Service

TranscriptionPro is a professional provider of legal transcription services. Our legal transcribers are fast, accurate and experienced in transcribing legal transcription files.

There are two types of legal transcription services we provide. One is legal transcription service for law firms and lawyers/solicitors; and the other is legal transcription for court reporters (E.g. depositions and court hearings).

Save Cost + Be More Productive

Sometimes it’s just prudent to outsource rather than employ in-house assistants.  When you are overwhelmed with your workload, we can easily take on the spillovers and therefore, we provide cover in times of overflow of work.

You want to keep your transcription cost down.  You want to save money on transcription and other administrative tasks.

You know how expensive an employee is.  Would you rather use an offshore agency like TranscriptionPro to save costs?  Yes, you would.

We save you money.  We provide quality services that are hard to match.

Legal Transcription Service for Lawyers and Solicitors

We support and empower lawyers and solicitors with their daily needs of transcription services.  Our expert transcribers help US, UK and Australian lawyers on a daily basis.  We also provide urgent or rush transcription services for your deadline chasing tasks!

Our rush transcription service is especially useful for lawyers who are busy and/or overwhelmed with their workload.  We offer very fast turnarounds of 4 and 8 hours as well as 24 hours and 48 hours services.  You may customize your turnaround delivery times with a custom contract.

Your dictations are transcribed to perfection.  No further proofing or editing required at your end.  Your formatting, styles and syntax followed to the letter.

Our dictation service is fast, affordable and secure.   You may dial-in and dictate via your phone.  Send us your dictation files by e-mail or simply upload using our Order Form.

Legal Transcription Service for Court Reporters

Transcribing depositions and court hearings require a certain breed of expert transcribers.  Being mostly intelligent or strict verbatim transcripts, transcribing court depositions can be tricky for most transcribers who are not used to typing court audios.  It also requires an understanding of the court procedure and being able to follow the strict formatting requirement.

TranscriptionPro partners with US court reporting agencies and help with transcribing court depositions and hearings.  Our partners are certified court reporting agencies.

If you are a court reporter, please contact us any time and see if you can partner with us.

Legal Transcription Service Rates

TranscriptionPro has very affordable transcription rates and our legal transcription rates are no different.

Dictation transcription rates for lawyers (subject to contract):

  • $1.50/min for 24-TAT
  • $2.00/min for 12-TAT
  • $3.00/min for 8-TAT
  • $4.00/min for 4-TAT

Court deposition transcription rate for court reporters being at $1.50/page only for 3-day TAT.

You will not find another service of high quality service at these low rates.

Legal Transcription Service Guarantee

We guarantee at least 98% accurate on all transcripts that are considered ‘good’ audios with standard turnaround times.  This guarantee is void for all urgent and discounted transcription services.