Legal Practice Management Softwares: The Most Extensive List

lawyer transcriptionAny progressive lawyer or law firm should be looking at ways to leverage the internet to manage their legal practice.  Luckily, there are a number of legal practice management softwares that make things easy for you.

Advantages of using a web-based legal practice management softwares:

  1. Paperless practice: A lawyer or a law firm that cares about the environment has to reduce the amount of paper it’s using.  It’s good practice to go paperless as far as possible.
  2. Scalability: Online legal practice management platforms allow you to practice as a solo practitioner and easily scale your legal practice up with increasing business.  These legal platforms usually allow unlimited users and clients.
  3. Manage your law firm from anywhere: Web-based legal practice management softwares also gives lawyers and law firms the flexibility of working anywhere.
  4. Office-less:  Your legal practice can even go office-less with the help of any one of these legal practice management platforms.  That means you can run an online-only legal practice without a physical office!  Imagine the cost advantages of working from your home.

16 (Web-based) legal practice management softwares

Below is a list of legal practice management softwares in no particular order.  We do not favor or recommend one over the others.  Your choice of an online legal practice management software will depend on your needs and potential growth of your law firm.

  1. Attorney’s Back Office:  Attorney’s Back Office is a complete, all-in-one,  web-based, bilingual – English and Spanish – business application for solo practitioners, paralegals, and small and midsize law firms.
  2. Clio:   Describes itself as “the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management software. Join tens of thousands of legal professionals who trust Clio to manage and grow their firms.”
  3. MyCase:  MyCase is the only case management software that includes an integrated Client Portal.
  4. RocketMatter: “powerful, easy-to-use interface allows you to measure your firm’s performance, organize your matters, easily capture time andmake billing a breeze.”
  5. CaseLode: Describes itself as the “software for the business of law”.
  6. FirmManager:  FirmManager is from LexisNexis.
  7. LEAP: LEAP is a cloud legal software solution for small law firms wishing to become more efficient, more flexible and make more money! It allows everyone in a small law firm to work naturally using a single integrated case management system that enables you to do more work with the same number of people.
  8. LegalOffice LA:  LegalOffice LA is the most popular cloud or server based legal software solution in the UK for small law firms that practice in the common areas of law
  9. SOS Legal:  Legal software to transform the performance of law firms, solicitors and lawyers.

    • Improve your client experience
    • Deliver legal services more effectively
    • Mitigate risk and adhere to regulations with more confidence
    • Streamline operations and efficiency across your entire firm
    • Reduce costs and increase income
    • Stand out in the changing legal market
  10. Aderant legal software provides a wide suite of legal software solutions to optimize your operations, protect your assets, and increase your bottom line.
  11. MerusCase:  A comprehensive practice management system that combines document management, collaborative tools, and cloud-based software.
  12. AmicusAttorney:  Amicus Attorney legal practice management software empowers lawyers to do more, bill more and go home early.  Amucus Cloud is their cloud-based law firm management system.
  13. DirectLawDirectLaw’s Virtual Law Firm Platform turns your law firm’s web site into an interactive, online law practice.
  14. SelectLegal: LAWFUSION, the company’s flagship product, includes everything from legal accounts software to legal case management software and everything in between and is available as a hosted solution for the cloud or as a traditional on-premise installation.
  15. TrialWorks:  Developed by litigators, TrialWorks takes a case from a simple intake, through the process of litigation, and ready for trial.
  16. LegalFiles: the Legal Files system is a web application licensed for use and hosted within your own environment. Legal Files is a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) system which offers extensive customization capabilities, providing both the low-cost advantage of a COTS application and the uniqueness of a custom-built solution, with the flexibility to meet current—and future—needs.

Hope this list of law firm management systems help you.  If you know of any other softwares, please feel free to add them in the comment below.  This is a working list and not an exhaustive list.

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