How Lawyers Can Save 2 Hours Per Day By Dictating Emails

Lawyers who insist on writing their own reports and emails instead of dictating lose about 2.5 hours every single day.

Michelle Wickam who works as an attorney for Pinnacle Security says lawyers spend 30% of their day writing emails.

50% Lawyers Spend 2.5 Hours a Day Writing Emails

Simply put, almost half of the lawyers spend 2.5 hours on, perhaps, non-billable hours of writing/typing; tasks that don’t require legal expertise or can be delegated to assistants and administrative support.

How dictating emails you save you time

It takes less than 2 minutes to dictate a page of text or an email. However, typing up the same email will take up to 14-15 minutes. ( Of course, your typing speed will have a plus or minus effect on these figures, but at the same time, I don’t think lawyers are particular trained at speed typing.)

Therefore, dictating an email save at least 80% of your time.

Let’s say you type up 10 to 12 letters/emails within 2.5 hours. Dictating the letters to a digital recorder and sending them out to be transcribed will only take about 30 minutes at most.

You are still left with 2 hours of your time that you can spend working on billable hours every day.

Leave typing to the professionals

Now imagine dictating 30 minutes everyday for the long term instead of type your own emails yourself.  The savings and earnings due to that small change in your process – dictating instead of typing emails – can significantly impact your business and your life.

Leave typing and transcription to the professionals like TranscriptionPro.

Offer to lawyers and law firms

Diktamen, an IT company based in Finland is offering 3 months free usage of their dictation and transcription platform to our customers. Please contact us today to learn more about the offer and how you can save money and become a more efficient law firm.


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