Law Firm Transcription Service For Lawyers and Solicitors

Business Support Services for Lawyers and Solicitors

Looking for an affordable yet professional transcription services for your law firm?  Is your current in-house or outsourced transcription service giving you more headaches than solutions?

We want to offer you a remedy.

TranscriptionPro offers law firm transcription services to lawyers and solicitors in law firms.

Lawyers and solicitors who dictate using dictaphones are welcome to use our law firm transcription services to enjoy fast and reliable support from our professional dictation transcribers.

Urgent Transcription Service to Meet Your Deadlines

We offer standard deliveries as well as urgent and expedited services to law firms that use our transcription services.  No other transcription will match our fast and quick turnaround times at the price we offer.  Check out the transcription services rates below to believe!

Online dictation and transcription services

Are you a busy lawyer always on the go and have to dictate your letters and memos on the go?

We have an offer you’d love.  We offer free of cost dictation services that allows you to dictate using your phone from anywhere you are and send your dictations for transcription instantly.

This dictation service is perfect for lawyers and solicitors who frequently work on client site or travel at lot.

Get Print-ready, Error-Free Transcripts

Most of our excellent transcribers have worked with US and UK law firms transcribing dictation files.  So we are very comfortable with transcribing both in US and UK language styles.

Our transcribers provide print-ready, error-free transcripts that needs no intervention from you, thereby saving you time and effort.

Custom Style for Branding

Our transcribers will quickly learn and adapt to your writing style and capture your voice.  We understanding law firms have custom writing styles and document templates that are unique and that is a part of their brand.

Clients get to know you through your letters and email communications.  Communication materials like email, letters, memos and reports are important part of your branding efforts.

Any legal field

Most of us have at least 10 years of experience transcribing and supporting lawyers and solicitors from every legal field you can name.  From family law to immigration law practitioners, from tax law to patent law practitioners, we have supported them with their transcription needs.

We also provide comprehensive business support services to law firms and solo practitioners.

Need data entry and copy typing services at affordable rates? Need Word processing, CRM management, email management, social media management?  

We offer these services and more

Affordable Law Firm Transcription Service Rates

TranscriptionPro has very affordable transcription rates and our law firm transcription rates are no different.

Law firm transcription rates for lawyers and solicitors are as below (subject to contract):

  • $1.00/min for 24-TAT
  • $2.00/min for 12-TAT
  • $2.50/min for 8-TAT
  • $3.00/min for 4-TAT

Court deposition transcription rate for court reporters being at $1.50/page only.

You will not find another service of high quality service at these low rates.

Law firm Transcription Service Guarantee

We guarantee at least 98% accurate on all transcripts that are considered ‘good’ audios with standard turnaround times.  This guarantee is void for all urgent and discounted transcription services.

Where to start?

If you are considering to outsourcing your transcription and/or copy typing needs to us, write to us at [email protected] with details of your needs including costs you are incurring right now on transcription and allied services and how much you want to save by outsourcing to us.

We will write back to you to say if we can meet your expectations and needs.  It’s that simple.

Confidentiality and Security

We take client confidentiality and security very seriously.  We will not share any information regarding you or your business to any third party.  Our employees are bound by NDA to keep everything confidential and secure.  All computers and websites are secured and regularly checked for viruses and hackers.  All our processes are developed keeping your safety and security in mind.