Keyword Research Services for Small Businesses

Keyword research services should ideally begin before you buy your domain name.  It will aid in choosing the most effective domain name for your business.

However, even if you have purchased a domain name already, keyword research services will be helpful still.  In fact keyword research services and monitoring should be an on-going process for any business online.

Keyword research services will guide you in your content development and site development.  It will identify possible keywords to rank for to meet your goals and objectives.

Our SEO experts will take charge of your keyword research services project from start to finish.

Our keyword research services process is as below:

  1. Questionnaire to understand your business goals and intent.
  2. Study the business goals and keywords positions of the site and also competition.
  3. Research keywords that fit your business goals and objectives.
  4. Report preparation and submission.

You will get a detail report of:

  1. keywords that can be easily improved upon with little effort
  2. new targeted keywords that you need to target
  3. Long-tail keywords that are great for content marketing/blogging

Each keyword will also show:

  • It’s current rank, if any.
  • It’s competition.
  • It’s volume of expected visits.s
  • Cost Per Click earned from AdSense for websites that use this keyword.
Keyword Research Services Duration: 5-7 working days
Keyword Research Services Cost: $399