How English sounds to non-English Speakers [FunVid]

Have you listened to yourself lately?

Well, you should. You must.

But in the meantime, watch the video below. It’s fun; or not.

How do you feel watching the video? Frustrated, irritated?

This video is a perfect example of what transcriptionists go through sometimes. Sometimes with very bad recordings, it doesn’t help how much you try. Transcribing is simply impossible.

While we reserve to reject such recordings, we try to help our customers when they insist on transcribing even their poor recordings on best effort basis.

Sadly, sometimes best effort is not enough.

The problem and the solution lies with the speakers.

Speak clearly to get the best possible transcription results.

Oh, about the video. They are speaking fake English!

Skwerl’. A short film in fake English. As seen on QI.
A film by Brian & Karl:
instagram: @karleccleston @brianfairbairn
Screenplay: Karl Eccleston and Brian Fairbairn
Directed by Brian Fairbairn
Starring: Karl Eccleston and Fiona Pepper
Sound and lighting: Thomas Jordan

Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston are a London-based film-making duo.

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