How can we serve you better, Executive Assistants?

Executive assistants and personal assistants do a variety of tasks on a daily basis. It is impossible to even try to list the different tasks that they do everyday.

So I thought it might be a good idea to ask you how we can serve you better, how can we assist executive assistants and personal assistants in their daily work.

What tasks do you like to outsource to us?  What tasks do you feel take up too much of your time?  What tasks do you think you would outsource if you could because you’re not good at it?

Do you think research is taking up too much of your time?  Do you think typing takes more time than you can afford?

How can we help you be more efficient and effective in your role as a support to your consultant or your boss?

TranscriptionPro is more than a transcription service provider.  We help executive and personal assistants like you find balance in their work and life again.

We assist busy assistants cope better with their daily tasks.

Feel free to send in your answers or any questions you may have using our contact form or simply by writing a comment below this post.

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