General Transcription: Affordable, Accurate & Reliable

genearl transcriptionistLooking for a general transcription service that is affordable, accurate and reliable?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We are all that and more.

TranscriptionPro provides exceptional general transcription service for all your audio to text conversion needs.  We are fast and accurate, reliable and timely, friendly and agreeable.

Our transcripts are proofread and edited, error-free and grammatically proper.  You save time, effort and money.

We transcribe mp3 recordings as well as videos from a variety of customers.

What is general transcription anyway?

General transcription is any transcription service other than legal transcription or medical transcription.

General transcription encompasses any transcription from audio to video recordings.  In terms of industry, it can be from insurance to academic, historical to technological, theological to social media and marketing.

TranscriptionPro’s experience in general transcription is all-encompassing in terms of industry.

Currrently, we are transcribing a podcast about bitcoins.  As you might imagine, in talking about bitcoin the speakers often touch upon commerce, government regulation, technology, and human psychology.

One of our current projects include a tele-conference transcription about the food processing industry.  We’ve also transcribed interviews and discussions on the beverage and spirit industry, the future of workplace and culture, etc.

General transcription service includes:

  • mp3 transcription
  • audio transcription
  • audio typing
  • insurance transcription
  • surveyor transcription
  • real estate transcription
  • business transcription
  • interview transcription
  • youtube transcription
  • podcast transcription
  • focus group transcription
  • market research transcription
  • sermon transcription
  • family history transcription
  • TV show transcription
  • media transcription
  • film transcription
  • movie transcription
  • telephone conversation transcription
  • PDF to text conversion
  • Image to text conversion

 General Transcription Specialists

Interesting as it is, general transcription can also be challenging at times.

It requires us, transcribers, to be well-rounded.  As general transcription can be on any topic, transcribers are expected to be well-informed and up-to-date about any and all industry and subjects of interest.

Your recordings can be about your family history, your favorite pet or an interview with your favorite teacher, a recording about space exploration or research on genetics or the future of work, crowdfunding, internet marketing, Facebook ads, affiliate marketing or even branding.

TranscriptionPro’s experienced transcribers are competent and well-rounded or at least know where to look for when they need help and references.  Their researching skills are second to none and their ability to quickly learn a new subject, idea or issue or theme amazes me everyday.

We might even call us specialized general transcription service!  Our transcribers have excellent grammar and punctuation skills, fast typing skills and editing skills.  They are detail oriented and notice even extra spaces or punctuation mistakes that are hard to find by inexperience eyes.

Coupled with our sense of professionalism and ethical conduct, we are the favorite of many customers over the years.  Our professional general transcription service is second to none – while being affordable and reliable.

General transcription rate

Our transcription rate is affordable and budget-friendly and begins at just $1 per minute for one-speaker recordings and $1.25 per minute for 2+ speakers.

We welcome daily transcription requests and also ad hoc requirements.  We can bill by project or regularly, say, every week.

General transcription service is for all people from any industry and from any background.

TranscriptionPro provides superior, exceptional general transcription service that is affordable and reliable.  Contact us today for all your general transcription requirements and we will help you the best we can.