Free Trial Transcription for Law Firms and Legal Professionals Only

Do you want to improve your law firm’s profitability?   Want to cut costs and maximize billable hours of your fee-earners?free trial transcription

Here’s is a perfect offer you cannot ignore.

TranscriptionPro is offering Free Trial transcription to fast-growing law firms for 5 working days.

Transcription services is ideal for law firms that are:

  • interested in improving their profitability by outsourcing.
  • all about maximizing the billable hours of their lawyers and solicitors.

There is no obligation to continue using our services after the trial – cancel any time.

Law firms that are struggling to keep up with their paperwork and are employing dictation to produce documents are a great fit for this offer. Perhaps, your current transcription provider is unable to meeting your quality or quantity requirements any more.

Benefits of Taking this Free Trial Transcription

  1. Free transcription services for 5 working days. It’s totally free – it costs you nothing.
  2. This free trial service allows you to assess our capability, reliability and quality.
  3. It allows us to assess your requirement and needs.
  4. It minimizes your cost
  5. It maximizes your billable hours
  6. No obligation to continue using our services – cancel any time.
  7. Apart from transcription, we also provide copy typing, Excel data entry, PDF to Word conversion, and other business support

To take this free trial offer, please fill the Free Trial form so we can get in touch with you.

Don’t let your $300 per hour lawyers do a $20 per hour task!

Today’s law firms realize that it is foolish to spend time and energy on building and maintaining support departments while ignoring to improve their fee-earners.

Fee earners should be allowed to spend maximum time on fee-earning client work.  All typing and writing should be minimized and the bulk of it outsourced.

All non-lawyering activities like transcription and document creation should be delegated to typing and transcription specialists at very affordable rates.

It is counter-productive to expect your $300-per-hour-lawyers do $20-per-hour tasks.

Just fill the form here to know if we are a great fit with your law firm.