Free Trial Transcription for Law Firms

If you are a law firm looking for a transcription service provider, please consider trying TranscriptionPro’s legal transcription for a week absolutely free of cost!

Michelle Wickam who works as an attorney for Pinnacle Security says lawyers spend 30% of their day writing.   That’s almost 2.5 hours of writing for a 8-hour work day — perhaps, non-billable hours too!

Simply put, almost half of the lawyers spend 2.5 hours on, perhaps, non-billable hours of writing/typing, tasks that don’t require legal expertise or can be delegated to assistants and administrative support.

TranscriptionPro presents Free Trial Transcription to Small and Medium Sized Law Firms for a Week

We believe quality transcription helps empower law firms and lawyers.  By providing quality transcription service, law firms benefits from keeping their costs to the minimum and maximizes their billable hours.

We define quality transcription as at least 98.00% accuracy and on-time delivery, consistency and responsive to customers’ requirements.

We have over 10 years of dictation transcription and lawyer transcription experience in almost all fields of the legal practice.

Law firms that are struggling to keep up with their paperwork and are employing dictation to produce documents are a great fit for this offer.  Perhaps, your current transcription provider is unable to meeting your quality or quantity requirements any more.

Benefits of Taking this Free Trial Transcription

  1. Free transcription services for 5 working days.  It’s totally free – it costs you nothing.
  2. This free trial service allows you to assess our capability, reliability and quality.
  3. It allows us to assess your requirement and needs.
  4. Minimize your cost
  5. Maximize your billable hours
  6. No obligation to continue using our services – cancel any time.
  7. Apart from transcription, we also provide copy typing, Excel data entry, PDF to Word conversion, and other business support

To take this free trial offer, please fill the form below so we can get in touch with you.

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