Fee Earners, Maximize your Billable Hours!

transcription services (12)One of the simplest way to improve profitability of a law firm is to maximize the billable hours of the fee earners.

However, that is easier said that done.

Most law firms make the mistake of doing all things by themselves. Especially if you’re in a not-so-big law firm without assistants to wait on your every beck and call.

You know something is not right when a $200-per-hour lawyer does a $20-per-hour or less task himself!

It’s also not advisable for a law firm to develop, maintain and train an in-house support department when the same or better, in most cases, service quality can be had by outsourcing to specialist agencies.

If you do, you’re spending too much time, effort and money on something that isn’t necessarily directly linked to your fee-earning services.

Fee earners should be allowed to spend maximum time on fee-earning client work. All typing and writing should be minimized and the bulk of it outsourced.

All non-lawyering activities like transcription and document creation should be delegated to typing and transcription specialists at very affordable rates.

That is one reason why law firms outsource transcription and word processing work to specialist transcription agencies like TranscriptionPro.

Free Trial Transcription for Law Firms and legal professionals

If you are interested in outsourcing transcription to us, we give a 5-day free trial service to law firms without any obligation whatsoever.   You may or may not continue using our services after the free trial.

However, we are confident enough with our quality services to work for free for 5 whole days!  We are almost sure you will want to continue retaining our services even for the long term.

No law law is too small or too big for us.

Take this chance to improve your law firm’s profitability, productivity and leave behind your competition!

Virtual Assistance for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Apart from dictation transcription, we can also provide simple Word document creations, copy typing, email management, contact management, travel booking, CRM updating and management, etc virtually for you.

Write to us with your requirement today.  Why wait for success; run towards it!

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