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  • How do you calculate transcription cost?

    Our transcription service is generally priced on a per minute basis. Our transcription cost is also calculated per page and/or per hour for some customers who prefer that way of pricing. Another important factor contributing to the cost of transcription is the delivery or turnaround time.

    Our transcription cost begins at $1.00 per minute.

    What is your default transcript style?

    Our default transcript style is intelligent verbatim. In simple verbatim, we do not type stutters, slangs and verbal ticks. We also do not include non-verbal sounds like a phone ringing in the background, a door closing, or another person who interrupts a conversation.

    How many transcript styles do you have?

    We have three basic transcript styles – intelligent verbatim, strict verbatim and clean-read styles. Intelligent verbatim is our default transcription style. Refer to default transcription style above for more.

    In strict verbatim style, every word uttered is typed out exactly as it is said. We will type slang, contractions, non-verbals and change of thoughts. This style is usually used in court depositions and legal transcription.

    Clean-read or edited transcription style is a print-ready transcript where we will edit the transcript for correct grammar usage and syntax. This is generally used for formal documents and dictations.

    Is my information secure and confidential?

    We respect every customer’s privacy and jealously guard your information. Our website is SSL encrypted. So is our upload and payment system. We use Paypal to process payments.

    Every TranscriptionPro professional signs an NDA. Your documents and audios are deleted within 15 of your project being completed.

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01. How to place an order?

Please go to our Order page, fill in your details and information regarding your project including total length of your audios that you are sending us for transcription or translation, as they case may be, style of transcription and any further options you may have.

Please use a working email. We will use your email to deliver your transcripts.

02. How do I make payment?

Once your project is received, we will assess your requirement and confirm your cost. You are required to make payment as confirmation of your project. Payment is via Paypal.com. It is secure and confidential. Paypal is trusted by millions of businesses and individuals.

03. Can I simply send in requests via email?

Yes. Once we establish your requirements, you can send your requests directly to us via email at [email protected] on a daily basis. This allows for faster processing of your projects and orders.

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