Excellent Transcription Service: Versatile & Flexible

TranscriptionPro-Logo-light_BlackThe more I think about it the more I’m convinced that TranscriptionPro is one of the most versatile and flexible transcription services in the world, if I can say so myself.

What is versatility anyway? Versatility is the capability of doing many things competently. One of the cliche business advice is to specialize and focus on a niche, especially when you’re in a competitive industry like transcription.

Specialized transcription service

At TranscriptionPro, we do specialize. We specialize in transcription. Unlike many other transcription agencies that specialize in court hearing transcription or interview transcription or sermon transcription alone, we specialize in transcription and therefore, can transcribe almost all types of recordings and contents. It doesn’t matter what subject or topic the discussion or talk is about we can most probably transcribe the recording. We are versatile transcriptionists.

Versatile transcription service

TranscriptionPro since its inception has been transcribing a myriad different content from different industries and subjects. We transcribe dictation (single speaker) recordings to focus group or court hearing recordings where there are at least 3-5 speakers in any given recording. We transcribe sermons from pastors to court depositions in New York City courts. We transcribe webinars from Australia’s premier stock management software company to video interviews of employees one of the most prestigious hotel companies in the world (mind you, employees comes from at least 50 different countries! Imagine the different accents and speech patterns.) We transcribe dictations of a lawyer for his then (2010) upcoming book. We transcribe podcasts by a couple of bloggers about internet marketing, online presence and online business.

Flexible transcription service

TranscriptionPro transcribes in both verbatim and in clean read style. That means we can transcribe recording word for word as is for legal requirements, or edit them as we type to capture voices so they are easy to read on paper.

We incorporate time stamps where customers request us to. Our transcriptionists can work with your own Word templates and incorporate your styles. If you have no such templates and styles we use our own default templates and styles. We format to your own specifications and requirements, if presented with one. We customize and meet our customers’ deadlines. You need your transcripts in PDF or Word, we provide you that. Perhaps, you need them in HTML or even Text format. We will provide transcripts in any format you require.

You may share your files for transcription directly from your own FTP website by providing us links to them or, we can share a Dropbox folder wherein we share your files and transcripts as and when they are done. Dropbox has become a favorite with TranscriptionPro transcriptionists and customers.  Our transcription service is designed to be flexible.

Excellent Transcription Service

  • No two transcription projects are ever same.
  • No two recordings in a project are ever same.
  • No two customers are ever same.

These three truths require us to be versatile and flexible. In every aspect of our business, we try to be flexible and versatile. We know we have standardized turnaround time and rates, however they are not set in stone. We know that we’re serving not one country but the whole worldwide. We serve not an industry but industries where people are busy and time is a critical business asset.

We work with people who require very different styles of transcription. Court reporting agencies require verbatim transcription court recordings while video production agencies require verbatim transcription plus time stamps. Lawyers, real estate professionals, CEOs and managers require clean read transcription of their dictations so they can send their letters and other paperwork to their clients or business associates direct. We transcribe contents and subjects as varied as courses available in a university. We transcribe a myriad of accents from different corners of the world from people with varied education and intellect.

Reliable Transcription Service

We work with people who utilize transcription services to reduce their business costs and we work with people who require our professional typing and proofreading skills. Our translation agency partners require transcription so they can translate our transcripts into other different languages. Some our of customers feel comfortable paying upfront while some require monthly invoicing and payment for admin and accounting reasons.

We are flexible in every bit of these different and various choices. The only situation where we’re not flexible is when a customer do not pay for the work we do. We cannot work for such customers. And believe me, we have encountered such customers too! We also do not compromise on quality. Every transcript is given due care and attention to achieve the highest possible accuracy in content and context.  Our transcription service is designed to be reliable and (pocket) friendly.

Flexibility is the hallmark of our excellent transcription services. Versatility is our brand.

Outsource your transcription projects and tasks to TranscriptionPro to get the best possible transcripts and transcription services today. Get a taste of our excellent services at the best rates possible for your own unique requirement and situation. We are your conscientious business partners and ally in your business.

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