English Transcription for Global Business Leaders

Professional English transcription service, affordable and reliable for businesses

Delegation is an art all managers struggled with, and in time, perfected to become leaders. 

English transcription for business leaders

If you are reading this, I hope you’re looking for a high-quality English transcription service.

Because that’s precisely what we offer at TranscriptionPro.

We provide high-quality, timely and accurate transcription services that is affordable and reliable.

Our on-demand English transcription service is proven to be high-quality and many of our customers are repeat customers over the years.

Professional English Transcription service

In short, our English transcription service is professional.  Our professional transcribers are experienced and highly competent and delivery quality transcripts consistently.

Maintaining a  high quality production of transcription takes time and effort.  We are committed to delivery quality English Transcription services that you can depend on and rely upon when you do need any English transcription service.

High Quality English Transcription service

In an effort to maintain our high quality English transcription service, we employ two levels of transcription processes.

The initial level is where one of our professional transcribers transcribe audios into text as fast as they could while following style guides provided by the customer.

The second level is where a senior transcriber goes through the whole audio content all over again.

This allows maximum accuracy, consistency and preserves the integrity of your content.

English transcription service that is affordable and reliable

Not only is our transcription services of high-quality and professional, it is affordable and reliable.

Our rates are at least 30% less than what other transcription companies are charging, and we also give discounts of up to 10% to students and pastors for academic and sermon transcription respectively.

We also give discounts to bulk orders of 10 hours and above.

Our transcription service highly dependable and reliable.  We deliver transcripts on time and meet your urgent or expedited projects.  We’ll work weekends and holidays to meet your deadlines.

Unlike single freelancers working on their own, as a team, we accomplish much more and therefore prove to be more reliable for bulk deliveries and bulk orders from companies.

Types of English Transcription Services

We provide a variety of English transcription services.  We can transcribe any content from almost any industry or subject of interest.  We transcribe from audios as well as videos.

Some of the services we provide are:

  1. Business Support Services
  2. Copy Typing Services
  3. Dictation Transcription
  4. Court Transcription
  5. Legal Transcription
  6. Insurance Transcription
  7. Word Processing
  8. General Transcription
  9. Virtual Assistance

We welcome you

TranscriptionPro welcomes any company, big or small, that are in need of document specialists or virtual assistants at affordable rates.

Whether you need simple typing tasks done or email management or social media management, we can help you.

We also provide basic SEO services and writing services for your websites and other online campaigns you may be struggling with.

You content speaks volume about you.

Make use of our English expert transcribers to perfect your documents and build up your reputation amongst your internal and external stakeholders.

Our English expert transcribers will use correct English grammar and sentences that are easy to read and comprehend even by second-language English speakers.

Outsource and delegate – live stress-free

There’s no need to get stressed over overwhelming typing tasks that you don’t have time to look into.  Outsource all your document creation, correction, amendment and typing tasks to TranscriptionPro to live a stress-free life.

Have you perfected the art of delegation?  Start now.  Become the leader.

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