A Delightful Customer Is a Joy to Serve

happy customers happy peopleA Delightful Customer

One of our newest customers is a research student at Columbia University.  The first time she placed an order for verbatim transcription of her research interviews, she was sceptical to say the least.  In fact, she almost cancelled her first order.

However, our attentive customer service people were able to answer her questions and helpfully guided her through our processes.

She changed her mind and we successfully completed her verbatim transcription project to very high-standards.

She was so delighted after receiving the transcript she wrote:

Thank you so very much for your excellent, high quality, efficient work!
I just glanced through the transcription and I am very happy that I did chose (sic) TranscriptionPro, you guys are absolutely amazing. I am especially impressed by your friendly, supportive, attentive customer service, which made me (sic) my top choice for transcription service.

A Joy to Serve

The team was absolutely ecstatic!  In fact, I shared some of our email exchanges with my wife.
What a joy to serve someone who understand the hard work we put into and appreciates high-quality transcription.  And of course, our amazing customer care service shines through.
Not only did she not cancel her first project, she has now placed a bigger project with us and promised to recommend us to her friends and colleagues.  What more can we ask for?

We Care

Well, frankly I don’t remember the last time I’ve heard so many good things about myself or our services.  I also don’t think our transcript was exceptional.  It’s true that it was a high-quality work without any error and properly formatted to perfection.  I believe there are other transcription providers who could produce the same high-quality transcript.
But the thing that struck me was the responsive customer team that was responsible for this result.  It was not the transcript per se that got us that colourful feedback.  It was the customer care.  Remember the care in customer care is where our team succeeded with this delightful customer.

Human to Human Business

This experience also reminded me that we are all human beings, people.  We work with people.  They are not just numbers or $.  They are people that need help.  They are people that need guidance.  They are people that need typing and transcription services to complete their projects or to complete writing their thesis.
We will continue refining our philosophies and processes to cater to people to turn them into delightful customers.
When our customers are happy, we are happy.  When we are happy, we make customers happy.
Let’s keep delighting our customers with by being helpful, attentive and responsive to their needs.
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