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secretary agency for transcriptionDo you need daily transcription?  Do you dictate your letters, memo, reports ?  Or, are you a business with lots of audio and video content that needs daily transcription?

We, at TranscriptionPro, offer daily transcription services to a variety to customers.  Our daily transcription service includes legal transcription, surveyor transcription also known as real estate transcription, business transcription and general transcription.

Our transcribers are highly skilled transcriptionists and fast typists that are very comfortable technically.  They efficiently type and transcribe audio and video recordings on a daily basis for years and years.  Some of us actually have more than 10 years of experience transcribing audio and video files.

Our transcripts are consistent in style and format, and well-researched and accurate in content.

What you need for daily transcription service

What we need from you is a standing instruction for all your daily transcription requirements.  That means you have to give us:

  1. Your corporate/custom style guide
  2. Sample and standard templates to be used for transcribing and creating documents
  3. Your required turnaround time(s).
  4. An email ID to send your transcripts on a daily basis or instruction on where to send each transcript or group of transcripts depending on the author, department or style
  5. Any other information that you need

A standing instruction helps in efficiently processing your daily transcription needs.  It allows for minimizing time spent in communication and improves productivity.  It drives efficiency in work processes and minimizes costs by being in auto-pilot with minimum intervention required.

Daily Transcription Benefits

You will get dedicated and personalized support and project management when using our daily transcription service. A dedicated manager and selected team of transcribers will work on your transcription needs on a daily basis.  This allows for familiarity of content and therefore, better quality transcription results.

Other daily transcription service benefits include:

  1. Custom rates that save cost
  2. Custom turnaround times that meet you need – including urgent transcription or STAT deliveries
  3. Monthly invoicing and payment – reduces administrative and accounting tasks
  4. Regular workflow and efficient processes
  5. Capable and competent transcribers
  6. Flexible capacity and staff — scaling up is no problem
  7. Secure and confidential processes in place
  8. Accurate and quality transcript and documents that are print-ready

Daily transcription includes:

  • dictation transcription
  • report transcription
  • speech transcription
  • urgent transcription
  • interview transcription
  • meeting transcription
  • conference transcription
  • Word processing
  • Data entry
  • Copy typing service
  • PDF to Word conversion
  • Image to Word conversion
  • Formatting and styling Word documents

Daily transcription styles

  1. Verbatim transcription for accurate translation of recordings
  2. Clean-up or edited transcription for ready to print transcription
  3. Intelligent transcription (Please reference our FAQ page for details on these transcription styles)

Daily transcription for lawyers, surveyors, investigators, CEOs and managers

Our daily transcription service is perfect for lawyers, solicitors, surveyors, investigators, CEOs and managers who require transcription support regularly and daily.

Corporate, businesses, law firms and real estate firms can save up to 40% outsourcing their daily transcription requirements to us.  And that’s not all, our educated and well-trained transcriptionists are comfortable with any type of content subject or topic you need transcription for.  Some of our transcriptionists worked for years with big transcription companies in UK and US and big firms like KPMG.  They understand the importance of their work and how it affects your work and daily life.

That is why, we provide urgent transcription service to law firms, real estate firms and other businesses that need transcription daily.  We have the capacity to handle dictations from solo practitioners to big law firms.  We are well-placed to quickly scale to any capacity need.

With expert and experience project management, your daily transcription need will be organized and handled efficiently and competently allowing you a hand-off service that works in auto-pilot.

If you are interested in daily transcription service for yourself, your firm, business or you know of people who will greatly benefit from such a service, please contact me at [email protected] with your need and questions.

By Carey Suante

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