What is Chin Language?

In brief, Chin language is the language spoken by people in the Chin State of Myanmar (Burma).  It is not a Chinese language.

However, the Chin people never call themselves Chin.  Chin is a given word by the Burmese and the British colonial rulers.  The Chin call themselves Zomi, Laimi, Kuki or Mizo.

Number of Chin Speakers

The Ethnologue reference guide lists 31 different varieties of the Chin language, which are also spoken in India and Bangladesh. The largest are:

  • Tedim Chin estimated 344,000 speakers
  • Falam Chin estimated 107,300 speakers
  • Haka Chin (Hakha) estimated 125,000 speakers

Who are the Chin people?

The people who inhabited the norther Myanmarese state called Chin State are known as Chin people.  They are mostly Christians.

Due to underdevelopment and persecution, thousands of Chin people have emigrated to countries like USA, Australia, Canada, etc. Being minorities in their country, whether by religion or language, they hardly have much say in their political status.

They are closely related to the Kuki peoples in Manipur and the Mizo peoples of Mizoram in India.

Khuado Pawi is the post-harvest festival of the Tedim Chin people that is celebrated every year.  Another important day is the Zomi Nam Ni (Chin National Day in Burma) which is celebrated by the Chin people wherever they may be.

Need for Quality Chin language translation

With the number of Chin people settling in English-speaking countries rising steadily, there is a tremendous need for quality Chin translation service.

TranscriptionPro is a Chin-speaking translation agency helping government agencies and NGOs communicate more effectively with their Chin refugee subjects.

With our low translation rates and our native-speaker translators, we’re able to produce quality translations that are easy to understand by the target users – Chin people themselves.

Our experience translating Chin languages, whether it be Tedim Chin, Haka Chin or Falam, includes movie translations, document translations, court transcript translation, court recording transcription and translation, and other documents.

Contact a professional Chin Translation Service

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